大学毕业后,我很幸运地轻松加入了劳动力大军。… 好吧。 During undergrad, I started working half days for an internship. Slowly that increased in number of days per week, then numbers of hours per day. In a blink of an eye, it happened; my string of internships turned into a full time job! Before I knew it, I was clocking in at 8:30 and clocking out at 5:30 five days a week.

最初,我感到非常兴奋!我有自己的办公室,新的专业衣柜和名片!这是梦想! 我是成人。 I loved my co-workers and clients. Every day felt like something new and exciting. Until one day, it felt like my worst nightmare. Maybe it was the adrenaline wearing off and reality setting in. Perhaps this was why my mom always claimed she was so tired. Anyway, I quickly realized the 9-5 life wasn't what I dreamt it up to be. All of the warnings I ignored about the“real world”were truer than I could imagine, and left me wishing I'd been a little more prepared before entering the workforce after college.

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Here are 8 things 我希望我 knew before entering the workforce:


If you thought you were exhausted while in college working a side job, you 有 no idea what you're in for! Granted, I was in night classes for my masters and waitressed on the weekends in addition to a 9-5, so I may not be the best person to ask, but legit, I was exhausted. I felt more tired than I've ever been, and I've worked three jobs at once before. 带孩子的人如何做到这一点?

Get ready to learn everything you can about time management! If you want to maintain a personal life in addition to a professional life you're going to need to! And I don't care what anyone says, but an internship is 100% different than actually having an employer. My role as an intern was more or less the same. However, the 压力 of actually having a paycheck that I could lose at any moment, or the shame that comes with getting fired, is a different level of anxiety and stress on it's own. Plus, while I thought I was“doing the job”as an intern, I 真 wasn't. There's so much stuff employers won't trust you with until you actually 有 skin in the game. Most interns don't experience the roller coaster of late night calls, emails, and general stress at how quick things can change in the workplace.

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首先,我说我不是一个早起的人。如果你认识我,我距 今日秀 和两到四杯咖啡gal,然后 也许 你可以和我说话。但是,这就是事情,当您有一个雇主并以9-5工作时,您基本上会把自己的一天交给别人。到家的时候,如果上下班时间很长,大概会是6或7,而自己却什么也没做。 我重复: it'll be 6 or 7 pm and you'll 有 done nothing for yourself, five days a week! Take advantage of your mornings and make them count! Do something that fuels your soul and take a moment for yourself! You 有 to prioritize you when adulting, otherwise you simply won't 有 time for yourself.

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I know it's tempting to 有 work besties, but once you break that personal boundary with one person at work, it's easier and easier to lean on others for emotional support during office hours. Play that tape forward and you'll probably be labeled as“emotional” or “drama”throughout the workplace. It's like“breaking the seal”and letting the flood gates flow a little too freely. Better to check your personal life at the door by putting your phone on airplane mode (if you can) while working. In dire situations talk directly to your boss and excuse yourself for the day or a period of time to get your ish 一起回来之前。

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Bosses make mistakes, 有 flaws, and are imperfect. As much as you think you 有 on your plate, they 有 more. Next time you want to bitch about your boss, remember there is something to learn from them. If they want you to stay late to sort their receipts from the week, that sucks and it's okay to be totally annoyed. However, keep in mind that's something you never want to do to someone when you're in the position, every moment is a #teachablemoment. It's a lesson in stamina, patience, and gratitude (because if you're boss is making you stay late to sort receipts, let's just take a moment to imagine how miserable they are in their personal lives *白日梦和恐惧*)。

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无论您是在快节奏还是慢节奏的环境中工作,都很容易只需要在午餐时间工作并尝试尽快出门。 抵制冲动! 大多数公司在您的雇用协议中都将您 有 吃午饭 #laborlaws。 换一种说法, 如果您不吃午餐,您真的无法早点离开HR。这通常也是燃尽道路上的第一步。

Since you're required to take a lunch, take it! If it only takes you five minutes to eat, great! Use that time to do a meditation, yoga flow, read a book, or take brisk walk around the black and get some vitamin D. There 真 is no excuse when you 有 so much at your finger tips thanks to modern technology!






It might be a negative comment, it might be telling other people's business, it may witnessing a rant from someone having a bad day and then telling someone else to stay away since they are having a rough day. All of that is office gossip. Try to get in the mindset that any negative commentary outside of your actual work (e.g. Someone didn't get you a document you needed to get your job done), is gossip. I learned the hard way that simply being in the room as someone re-told stories about another employee, was“co-signing”the gossip and being lumped into it all. Again, the exception is if someone didn't do their job and it impacted your ability to get yours done, otherwise, avoid all negativity at any cost.


您不应了解所有内容。让您的完美主义者开车去拥抱不了解所有事情的人。这是您职业生涯中的几次  okay to just not know. Most of us millennials are coming from fairly competitive mindsets in the academic world. Let that go, now is the time to learn how to be a team player. Of course healthy competition is needed for excelling in your career, but not at the expense of others. Also, if you don't learn how to work well with others and ask for help, *显示一些漏洞*,您的妄想症和焦虑症可能会直射屋顶,您最终会破坏自己的成功,并感到在工作场所感到孤立。

在略相关的切线上: Ask questions too! If you can't think of a question to ask, then take note. It could be a sign that you're not going to be interested in this type of work for very long. In my experience, I 有 a million questions when I'm interested in something. Even if I 100% understand the information that was just presented to me, I think of ways to up level it and break into the next level of my career, I want to understand how all the things work at all levels of a project or organization. If I'm not asking questions about how things work higher up to get down to this super easy to understand info, then that's concerning too me. I'll probably loose interest soon.



Regardless of your experience with an employer, whether it's good or bad, it will be worth it. But only if you make it worth it. Every opportunity or experience we are presented in life is an opportunity to learn and grow. The jobs that 有 been the most painful for me, whether emotionally or physically, 有 taught me something about myself, the world, and others. They 有 shaped me and provided invaluable insight into my future. If you've been around here for a minute, you know my career hasn't been linear. In fact, it's been all over the place at times. However, I wouldn't be able to work full time as a blogger and coach other bloggers to do the same, without the experiences I've had in my career.

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