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This post was written in collaboration with Leaders Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% mine. Thank you for supporting brands that support 千禧一代!

As many of you know I've been stressed beyond belief lately…which means I've been in need of some serious R&R.  One of my 喜爱 things to do when 我是 stressed, is create an at home spa night!

Spa night at home starts off pretty normal… I love to get my 油扩散器 going with some lavender and eucalyptus oil.




Then I light some candles while drawing a bath. I usually toss some lavender and eucalyptus salts into the bath or even just a few drops of the essential oils to really up the relaxation…


After I get out of the bath, is where I bust out my secret weapon to at home spa night: 全张口罩! 




说真的,我的一个 喜爱 things about going to spas is the cold towels with cucumbers, I usually spray a little eucalyptus on them and lay back in the steam and let all the deliciousness settle in!

I stumbled upon the whole sheet face mask trend after watching one too many Snap Stories by 谢伊·米切尔(Shay Mitchell) (来自《小骗子》的艾米丽– 还有其他人迷恋吗?). I have been trying to up my skin care routine to get #weddingready, but with all this stress, it's taken a serious toll on me!

I keep my sheet masks in the fridge, to recreate that whole“chilled towel”effect at a high-end spa, so when I put them on it adds a nice little extra tingle right away (and this totally helps me with headaches too!).

我是 obsessing 领导化妆品面膜! Leaders Cosmetics通过将创新技术与成熟的天然成分相结合,为您带来韩国面膜中最好的。每种配方均由15位领先的皮肤科医生共同开发–提供您可以信赖的纯净,自然和有效的护肤。领导者使女性能够在仅20分钟的“我的时间”内使用护肤产品和配方从内到外照顾自己。领导者拥有超过75种不同类型的面膜,每个人都有一个口罩! 根据品牌,他们是世界上第一大口罩销售商!

The face masks I've tried from Leaders include:

平衡面膜 从他们的恢复专线—天哪!我喜欢这个面具!严重的是,自25岁起,我感觉我的皮肤刚刚老化!我的下巴上有黑斑和毛孔粗大,甚至荷尔蒙爆发,这是我从未有过的!这面膜清除了所有这些!就像魔术!我的皮肤比以前更明亮,更光滑!


Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask from their 7 Wonders Line—Another win! My pores looked smaller, and the packaging is just too cute!


与前皮肤细胞分手 从他们的日常奇观线—我非常喜欢这种全棉面膜的质地!超级柔软。使用时我的皮肤感到淡淡和清爽,并确实使我的皮肤变亮,但是我尝试过的这四次是我最不喜欢的,可能是因为它看起来最像我尝试过的其他面膜;但我仍然强烈建议!它肯定会让您看起来和精神焕发。

蓝莓椰子凝胶面膜 从他们的超级食品线—我想我对尝试椰子凝胶面膜感到最兴奋!认真对待这些婴儿,Leaders带给您面膜技术的鲜奶油! Leaders凭借其先进的椰子凝胶技术,彻底改变了面膜行业。这些面膜由椰子汁制成,可自然发酵30天制成凝胶,其中的椰子凝胶含有维生素B,C和抗氧化剂花青素,可为皮肤提供营养。因此,除了从血清中获得营养外,您还可以获得面膜的额外好处!与大多数面罩略有不同,因为您必须从背面和正面都取下保护膜。我觉得这是一个赢家,因为我觉得口罩确实吸收了所有好东西,而不是像其他面膜一样留在小袋中。


The other thing I love about Leader's is that they are cruelty-free. I try to (although not perfectly) only support brands that are conscious of our animals, humanity, and environment.

If I've had a rough day, or a headache, and I don't have the time or patience for a bubble bath, using a full sheet face mask from the fridge always helps me feel rejuvenated too, like I said, it's my secret weapon for an at home spa night!




Ok so after I have my bath, I usually get comfy, pat my face dry, then put on my sheet mask straight from the fridge to my face. Lay down in my dimly lit bedroom with candles, and turn on my essential 油扩散器 and enjoy the 20 minutes of me time.



P.S. I typically use face masks before bed, to make sure the good stuff seeps in deep over night!

How do you create your at home spa night?

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